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New Art Photos

Don’t get me wrong….family portraits, headshots and weddings are GREAT! BUT I recently was contacted by a client to do something different. He has asked me to do two shoots….the second one will be coming soon! But the first is ready to display. He wanted some photos that were sleek, sexy and just looked awesome so he asked me if I would do a session in my studio with him.

From way back when, in high school, I’ve always admired photographers that capture the human form in spectacular ways. Herb Ritts and Robert Mappelthorpe being my favorites. I used to shoot some like this back in college, but haven’t had a chance in a while. Now, maybe I can get back in to this and hopefully broaden my horizons as a photographer.

I put my subject on my favorite – simple black background and since his skin tone was dark and creamy I put a blue gel on one of my lights to add an interesting effect to the photos.

I’m really excited about these and hope to find more clients in the future that are interested in this kind of work!


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A hopefully not so boring blog post

During the last few weeks I’ve been so swamped with things that I’ve barely had any time to actually THINK about stuff. I’ve just been going and doing things but haven’t really been all there in the head. I realized how greatly this had been weighing on me today when I was walking out of the Wells Fargo on Waters and got into my car. I put in a different CD and turned the volume up to probably illegal or dangerous levels and listened to one of my favorite Elton John songs – “I Don’t Wanna go on with You Like That”  and realized that I don’t wanna go on with me like this any more either! haha!

I started actually thinking, slowly, about things that were going on again. I thought about the blog post that went out this morning. It was okay, not very exciting though, I was thinking….I always sound so stiff and boring in blog posts. I would like to think that in real life I am not stiff and boring so I vowed to sit down at the computer after running my errands and write something more exciting or at least more personal than “look! I took some photos of some stuff!”

This could also be a great way for my potential clients to connect with me and I may even change some of the copy on my website to reflect some of the things this blog post is going to lead to.

To begin with, here are 10 random facts about me:

1. the inside of my car almost always sounds like a mini-discotheque. I LOVE listening to dance, house and some of this new pop music that is coming out these days. THOUGH, I never dance….except on certain rare situations when the circumstances are right.

2. I am a cat person. This doesn’t mean I won’t take photos of your dog, however.

3. My favorite colors are green, purple and blue.

4. I LOVE Easter candy! And any candy that is flavored like limes or violets.

5. I also LOVE living in Savannah! I love just about all of the coast from the NC/SC border down to St. Simons.

6. I can’t stand fake people.

7. I love having my picture taken, even though I think I look kind of weird sometimes.

8. I don’t fly on airplanes and really try to avoid boats and trains as well.

9. I am obsessed with the Pet Shop Boys and have been since I was a small child, actually.

10. I love lists!

People often think that I am quiet and don’t have much to say. They couldn’t be any more wrong! I’m very cautious of who I open up to and when I do the flood gates won’t close.

My good qualities would be that I am honest, dependable, faithful, punctual, trustworthy, want everything to be fair and will take a fierce stance for things/people/ideas that I believe in or care deeply about.

For those of you reading who are potential clients, I would hope that all of these traits would ease your mind if you hired me. I transfer all of this to my work ethic as well. I want to deliver to you a product that is of a high quality and is fair to you and your lifestyle. You won’t find me pushing $60 8×10 prints. That’s not fair in my eyes. Neither are heavily processed and photoshopped images. I like my images to be honest as well. True, I will get rid of a zit or stray hairs and make the color balance correct for the environment the images were taken, but adding crazy filters and embellishing things isn’t my style. Though, if you really want me to I will, but in general, my photos are honest and pure.

I was taught to frame everything up in-camera and get everything right the first time around back in the days of film. It’s just how I roll.

So if any of you ever want to ask me anything, please feel free. I may not be the most sought after photographer in town, have the best, most expensive camera and am certainly not perfect, but I strive to be that way. And hopefully, my blog posts are going to start getting more exciting…. 🙂

The weekend of April 15th was a big one for me.  Not only was it the national opening for The Conspirator, which I was an extra in, but it was also the weekend of the Savannah Affliate of Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure.

The Conspirator was a big deal for me because I was on a committee of four who helped organize the week’s festivities with the Savannah Film Office as well as our own event. On Monday, we had a special cast and crew screening sponsored by the film office and the American Film Company. It was great and we had a super fun party afterwards at Spanky’s. It was a great turn out and I am so glad to have this extended family of awesome people to call my friends.

On the 15th, my best friend from way back 20 years ago, Jordan, came to town to participate in the Susan G. Komen events. Jordan is a two year breast cancer survivor and she is amazing! We got to go to the Survivor reception the night before the race and Paula Deen was there to speak to the crowd. We made it our mission to have our picture taken with her before we left and we did! She was very nice and gracious and it was a great opportunity to get another brush with fame that weekend!

Since I am the Survivor of the Month Coordinator, we had a set up on race day and the day before where people could nominate survivors that were exceptional and I will get to photograph them and write articles about them throughout the year. The display we created got us enough to have a survivor every month for the rest of the year even if no one else gets nominated! It was a success!!

We were also joined by my parents, on Friday, who came to visit and also walk in the mile portion of the event. It was great to see them as well! We had some good quality time wandering around downtown and seeing friends!

These are just some of the photos from everything that happened.

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It’s been a while! let spring run free!

This morning I got up and had all these grand plans to blog about this and that, but other things came up first.

I got some text to go on a client’s website and was reading over that when I got an email saying I had the go ahead to send out an email about the upcoming events for The Conspirator opening day.

Then a friend of mine is trying to get me to adopt one or two of his cats.

Lots of things on the mind!

There was a terrible thunderstorm last night that has left me kind of sleepy as well.

So anyway! I’ve neglected the blog for a while so I thought I would post some photos from a few things that have happened since I last posted. These photos in the following slideshows are all just personal or volunteer photos. No paid jobs here. Just observing what’s been going on around here.

First, there was St. Patrick’s Day in Savannah, which is a HUGE deal, as anyone who lives here knows. It’s like a national holiday with a huge, strange parade that my friend Jennifer (who’s not from around these parts) said “it’s like all the weird little parts of Savannah mixed together in one place”

Usually I don’t go to the parade, but I went with her because she is going to be moving away and needed to see it before she left town!

Then, spring hit Savannah hard with abundant blooms of azaleas, dogwood and wisteria. I went downtown and to Bonaventure Cemetary and took some photos of spring in action.

There are a couple of images from St. Patrick’s day in there as well.


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Happy Wedding Day to Ashley and Aaron!

Another wedding at St. Luke’s for me! This time, it was a lovely couple named Ashley and Aaron. They had a great wedding party and their parents and grandparents who came all the way down from northern Iowa were there to witness their special day.

It was a lovely day for a Savannah wedding, or rather a Thunderbolt wedding if you want to get more specific! Hahah!

Brightly colored flowers and a sand ceremony made for a splash of color in the white interior of the chapel paired with the black bridesmaid dresses.

We took some great shots and then they all headed out to have dinner at Tybee and the happy couple were headed back to Ft. Stewart where Aaron is stationed.

Congrats to the newlyweds!


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Congrats Cindy and Alan on your Engagement!

It’s been ages since I’ve updated here and will have a few picture posts coming up.

From some word of mouth advertising, I managed to get a lovely couple for some engagement photos. We decided upon River Street as the location, which was very crowded due to the upcoming St. Patrick’s Day celebrations here in Savannah. If you live here, you know what I’m talking about.

Cindy and her fiance Alan were great subjects, even though they claimed to be nervous about the whole thing! They were rockstars!

Even their choice of clothing color matched the grey/green/blue palate that comes with River Street cobblestones and alleyways.

Here’s the best of from their shoot!

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Family Portraits in The Bamboo Farm

The Bamboo Farm & Coastal Gardens | UGA Cooperative Extension is a lovely place to shoot awesome family portraits year round.. though with spring coming it’s only getting better!

Last weekend I got to take some family portraits of the Bowen family and their daughter Zoey for her one year portraits. They are a lovely family and it was so much fun being out there I can’t wait to go back!

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Headshots of Blakely in Columbia Square

During a search for a teenager who had recently had their braces removed on facebook for an ad campaign I am working on, I was connected with a wonderful young lady named Blakely and her mom, Heather. Blakey also needed a headshot for her acting career and profile. So it was a perfect match!

I met Blakely and Heather in Columbia Square and set about to shoot some awesome headshots, but the wind was not cooperating with Blakely’s long hair! Luckily we were able to do the majority of the shoot on the steps of the Kehoe House and in an adjacent courtyard of a house on the square.

Blakely was a super model! She knew just what to do and stuck a pose without much direction. We got some awesome shots and some of them are already up on on her page.

Here are some of the best shots from the shoot!

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Survivor of the Month March for Susan G. Komen

I had another opportunity to shoot a lovely lady for Susan G. Komen Coastal Georgia Affiliate. Her name is Colleen Martin and she hails from Liberty county. In addition to taking portraits of her, I got to meet all of her animal companions, including two cats, a dog, two ferrets and a bearded dragon. They were the non-human support system during her fight with breast cancer. My article about her will be published soon and I will be sure to post it here when it does, but here’s the photo she chose to go along with it!

Susan G Komen

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Half Price Savannah

Check out my deal here!

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