Posted by: lizardeyephoto | April 25, 2011

A hopefully not so boring blog post

During the last few weeks I’ve been so swamped with things that I’ve barely had any time to actually THINK about stuff. I’ve just been going and doing things but haven’t really been all there in the head. I realized how greatly this had been weighing on me today when I was walking out of the Wells Fargo on Waters and got into my car. I put in a different CD and turned the volume up to probably illegal or dangerous levels and listened to one of my favorite Elton John songs – “I Don’t Wanna go on with You Like That”  and realized that I don’t wanna go on with me like this any more either! haha!

I started actually thinking, slowly, about things that were going on again. I thought about the blog post that went out this morning. It was okay, not very exciting though, I was thinking….I always sound so stiff and boring in blog posts. I would like to think that in real life I am not stiff and boring so I vowed to sit down at the computer after running my errands and write something more exciting or at least more personal than “look! I took some photos of some stuff!”

This could also be a great way for my potential clients to connect with me and I may even change some of the copy on my website to reflect some of the things this blog post is going to lead to.

To begin with, here are 10 random facts about me:

1. the inside of my car almost always sounds like a mini-discotheque. I LOVE listening to dance, house and some of this new pop music that is coming out these days. THOUGH, I never dance….except on certain rare situations when the circumstances are right.

2. I am a cat person. This doesn’t mean I won’t take photos of your dog, however.

3. My favorite colors are green, purple and blue.

4. I LOVE Easter candy! And any candy that is flavored like limes or violets.

5. I also LOVE living in Savannah! I love just about all of the coast from the NC/SC border down to St. Simons.

6. I can’t stand fake people.

7. I love having my picture taken, even though I think I look kind of weird sometimes.

8. I don’t fly on airplanes and really try to avoid boats and trains as well.

9. I am obsessed with the Pet Shop Boys and have been since I was a small child, actually.

10. I love lists!

People often think that I am quiet and don’t have much to say. They couldn’t be any more wrong! I’m very cautious of who I open up to and when I do the flood gates won’t close.

My good qualities would be that I am honest, dependable, faithful, punctual, trustworthy, want everything to be fair and will take a fierce stance for things/people/ideas that I believe in or care deeply about.

For those of you reading who are potential clients, I would hope that all of these traits would ease your mind if you hired me. I transfer all of this to my work ethic as well. I want to deliver to you a product that is of a high quality and is fair to you and your lifestyle. You won’t find me pushing $60 8×10 prints. That’s not fair in my eyes. Neither are heavily processed and photoshopped images. I like my images to be honest as well. True, I will get rid of a zit or stray hairs and make the color balance correct for the environment the images were taken, but adding crazy filters and embellishing things isn’t my style. Though, if you really want me to I will, but in general, my photos are honest and pure.

I was taught to frame everything up in-camera and get everything right the first time around back in the days of film. It’s just how I roll.

So if any of you ever want to ask me anything, please feel free. I may not be the most sought after photographer in town, have the best, most expensive camera and am certainly not perfect, but I strive to be that way. And hopefully, my blog posts are going to start getting more exciting…. 🙂


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