Posted by: lizardeyephoto | February 8, 2011

I am a Susan G. Komen Volunteer!

Today I went and met with Beth at the Susan G. Komen Coastal Georgia Affiliate office today to discuss my position as their Survivor of the Month Coordinator. I get to help coordinate which lucky lady gets honored each month, write up her story AND the most fun part, take some awesome portraits of her for the story. I just did my first one last week and I will be posting that once it gets published on their website!

I am very excited about all the new opportunities this is going to bring for me and for my business. I get to give something to a cause I care deeply about and also meet new people who could turn into clients.

My first run-in with breast cancer was with my dear grandmother, Mamaw, who succumb to the disease when I was only 12 and this profoundly affected me.

volunteer photography

me and Mamaw


Since I was so young, I didn’t really have the power or knowledge to know what to do about it.  The second time it hit close to home was when my great friend, Kristin, called me at work and told me that she had been diagnosed. Kristin is a two time survivor and is awesome! We went to college together and worked together and she even took my wedding photos.

Me and Kristin

When Kristin told me she had cancer, I was shocked, because we were in our mid-late twenties and I never thought about breast cancer affecting someone so young.  Until a few years later, my best friend, Jordan, also gave me a call one day and told me that she too, had been diagnosed just shy of her 30th birthday!

me and Jordan at Thanksgiving 2010

Jordan is doing great now though still recovering from her radiation treatment which was very draining for her. She also endured a year long chemo treatment, due to the kind of cancer she had. UGH!

Last year I also was horrified to find out that another close friend of mine, Kathy, also got diagnosed!!!  She too is doing well and this photo  of us is at Christmas and she also is recovering from her treatment.

Me and Kathy at Christmas 2010

So, yeah, it’s hit close to home and I hope to do all that I can to help this group out!!  I will be posting frequently about things that I am doing with them!


I am excited!



  1. Hi Elizabeth,
    SGK board member from SSI here. I’m the one who posts the Survivor of the month on the website! It’s up…nice job.

    • Thank you! I saw it a little while ago, actually. It looks great!! 🙂

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