Posted by: lizardeyephoto | January 25, 2011

Savannah Photo Blog – Contest!

It is true, this blog has been around for a long time….well, about a year. But due to the fact that I took a major hiatus from my photography for 6 months last year due to working for the Census Bureau, it doesn’t have a big readership. I have been working the last few weeks to change this, with some success!

I thought that maybe a contest would jump-start my readers here on the blog as well as in other places.

SO!  Here’s the deal:

I will award a $20 gift card to to the person who refers EITHER the most new readers to my blog, twitter account or facebook fan page OR the most booked clients during the next month. Starting today!

So think hard, dear readers who see this – who do you know who needs some new family portraits, photos for their business, has a wedding coming up, is going to get engaged on Valentine’s day?

Basically, if you find someone to refer to my sites, please tell them to send me a message or post/tweet who sent them to me, that way I can keep track of the winner!

I will be posting polls and other info gathering devices to see what my readers really want to read or SEE on my sites. Also, I will continue to post new photos from my shoots that I have in the next few weeks.

Ready! Set! Go!


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