Posted by: lizardeyephoto | January 1, 2011

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year everyone!

2010 was an interesting year for me with a lot of highs and serious lows. But, I have emerged again in one piece, though I am on antibiotics from the remnants of a nasty respiratory infection that decided to turn my Christmas upside down! (I want a do-over!!!!)

So here is my summary of things that happened or that I learned during the past year. This is possibly just really for my interest, but I’ll post it here because a lot of it has to do with growing as a person and growing my business.

1. on January 31st, I had my golden birthday! This is the birthday where you turn the age of the date of your birthday…so I was 31 on the 31st! I am glad that I found out about that before I got any older!

the blazing inferno

we celebrated with a cake from Baskin-Robbins (31 flavors!!) which was filled with my fave, mint chocolate chip.

2. in February, I signed up to be in the Georgia Bridal Show. I was hoping for much much success…but instead, failed miserably!!! not a SINGLE person called me back or did anything. It was a learning experience, but mostly just a huge waste of money which sent me into a downward spiral of despair and I almost gave up photography.

I tried really hard!!

3. In March I threw myself into my new “part-time” job….the Census!!!  I first had a job sitting ALONE in two places in the projects with a little table set up where people could ask questions or get census forms to fill out. It was horribly boring and there I started texting people more and I learned how to play solitaire REALLY well.

4. A month later I was indoctrinated into the enumeration portion of the Census where I had to go door to door and track down those bastards who didn’t follow the law and send in their forms. It was a great learning experience and I met a lot of great people!! My team was awesome! I ended up doing this until August, because my team was so awesome, we got called to do stuff down in McIntosh county as well, which was horrifying, but good. I learned to be more confident and also to not worry about rejection so much.

I also learned that there are a LOT of morons out there and I fear for our country!!!

I also met my friend Kathy while doing this and through her and because of her have met a lot of other really awesome people.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

5. This year I also became closer with a lot of my fellow extras from The Conspirator movie. I also got to SEE the Conspirator at the SCAD film fest!!!! hooray!

I got to work on another project called “Always and Forever” which was mostly filmed in Atlanta. I don’t know when it is going to come out yet.

I got closer to some other friends as well and I also lost some friends too over some petty differences.

6. One person I met this year, is another local photographer, who kind of took me under her wing and showed me a lot about this marketing stuff that I’ve been talking about. She gave me hope and hasn’t given up on me yet and it’s awesome! So thankful for that!

7. I didn’t get to visit Charlotte much this year. This year, I will do it more! I swear! I did get to see my best friend Jordan a few more times than normal, since she came to Savannah to visit. That was great!

jordan and me

Jordan is all done with her cancer now too, which is fantastic!

8. Just recently, I was introduced to a new friend who has a wedding planning business which I hope to work with a lot this coming year, so things are already looking up!

9. There are many other things that went on and that happened, but all in all, it was mostly good, mixed with some bad….a little too much drama here and there. But meeting new people, rekindling old friendships and making good business plans and connections makes  it all worth it. 🙂

PS- let’s all hope that I am at least a finalist in The South Magazine’s southern photo contest!


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