Posted by: lizardeyephoto | December 28, 2010

Travelling Savannah Photographer – Christmas Vacation

Hello everyone! Sorry it has been a while since there has been a post! The holidays will do that to a person!

Last Sunday, I left Savannah and drove early in the morning to get to Charlotte, NC to attend my mother’s family Christmas party. I got there in time to decorate the bare tree, help with some food and do some last minute cleaning. The guests began arriving and soon there were 10 adults and 3 in the under 10 category plus one on the way!

We ate a delicious meal and a good time was had by all. My memory fails me, but it may have been that night that after everyone left, I went out with the parents to help them buy some presents for each other (it’s just a thing we do!)

Glen (the husband!) arrived on the scene on Wednesday night. Unfortunately for him, my mom and I had developed pretty bad colds by then!! We were miserable and not fun to be around, but somehow, we managed to move through all the paces of the holiday tradition. AND I managed to take a lot of really awesome photos, due to the SNOW that fell heavily the day after Christmas.

I also took a lot of photos for a contest I am going to enter, but I’m not publishing any of those yet!

Enjoy the winter wonderland of Savannah/Charlotte photos slideshow!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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