Posted by: lizardeyephoto | December 9, 2010

Weddings for Warriors 2010 December Edition! Pic Post!

Yesterday, I braved the cold with numerous other volunteer photographers, officiants, newspaper reporters, organizers and freezing BRIDES! We all gathered on Tybee Island to celebrate the weddings, vow renewals or simply a traditional wedding for those who had to get married at the courthouse because of military deployment.

My couple had been married for 19 years and were renewing their vows on the beach. I stuck around a photographed at two other ceremonies – one was a first time wedding and the other was another vow renewal. It was lovely out there! The clouds were low, like it was going to snow and the lighting couldn’t have been any more perfect.

I got to hang out a little bit in between ceremonies with the Reverend Steve Schulte who is a friend of friends and was officiating some of the ceremonies on the beach. I’m going to be photographing his church tomorrow, actually, as well!

I shot many photos and will display my favorites here now. Enjoy!

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  1. Great Photos!! Thanks!

  2. Wonderful photos! Thanks for staying and taking more photos!

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