Posted by: lizardeyephoto | November 22, 2010


So this afternoon, I went to the doctor to get the results back on the blood panel I had done last week because I thought I was anemic. Everything was fine though and my diagnosis was to eat bananas and oranges and CHILL OUT.


Yes, she said I was too stressed out and asked what I’d been doing lately that was stressing me out so terribly. I told her I’d been heavily mired down in photography marketing info and it was all getting to be too much. She then said, “You’re a photographer!? I wish I’d known last week! I just booked *insert name of local photographer here* and it was SOOOOO expensive!!”

*****brain starts working***** my DOCTOR. MD. PHYSICIAN just told me she could barely afford a photographer for her wedding.

I have no idea what she makes, but she’s a doctor, so it’s probably more than the average person looking to get married right now.

She also told me that the rest of the photographers she looked at were also amazingly expensive and was SHOCKED and felt like they were ripping people off. She said I probably didn’t understand that since I was one too and I explained that THAT EXACT THING is one of the things that’s been stressing me out lately: the pressure the marketing info puts on HIGH PRICES. I certainly understand weeding out “cheapies” as one particular place calls them, but I think that my wedge of the pie that are valid clients is a lot bigger than the elite few that can afford mega expensive photography.I also understand setting standards and having minimums.


Is there a place for mega expensive photography?


Is there a place for less mega expensive photography?


Not everyone can afford to spend as much as I spent on my ENTIRE wedding on the photography alone. They just can’t. It is NOT realistic.

So happily, she took a bunch of my cards and said she would pass them around to colleagues and some other people she knew. Sometimes I don’t know when it is proper to solicit myself but now I think I’m just going to start bringing it up EVERYWHERE.

Anyway, I feel a lot better and am now trying to make some more networking connections to see if I can just get a couple of clients going.

Because my diagnosis is to chill out and eat bananas and oranges! πŸ™‚



  1. It’s been stressing me out too!! I’m so stressed from that on top of things going on with my “real” job and being a single mom of 2 very active boys…. Life! πŸ™‚ I’m not a fan of the higher prices. I do my job and I think I’m reasonable but honestly, I didn’t sit down and try to figure out what percentage of what I need to get. I just sat down and said, “what would I be willing to pay for this?” and that made it SO much easier! πŸ™‚ By the way – I’m glad you’re not like really sick or something. Stress is much easier to “fix” than other things! πŸ™‚

  2. no, i’m not anemic or anything, but for me stress is bad..i suffer from anxiety disorder and if my “stress” level is bad enough to make me think i’m anemic, it’s not good.
    if i had 4-5 clients a month….or even every two months i wouldn’t be stressing out. but right now, i don’t!
    i think i’m figuring out how to find some new clients though and yes, sitting down and thinking about “how much would i pay for this” is a good idea and it kind of leads me back to my old price list….which other photographers have said was too low but just about ALL potential clients said was too high.
    stressing again! need to go to sleep! LOL

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