Posted by: lizardeyephoto | November 19, 2010

10 day challenge

Got this from another photographer on her blog.  Seems like it might be fun!

Here’s the rules:

Day One: Ten things you want to say to ten different people right now.

Day Two: Nine things about yourself.

Day Three: Eight ways to win your heart.

Day Four: Seven things that cross your mind a lot.

Day Five: Six things you wish you’d never done.

Day Six: Five people who mean a lot (in no order whatsoever)

Day Seven: Four turn offs.

Day Eight: Three turn ons.

Day Nine: Two smileys that describe your life right now.

Day Ten: One confession.


Here’s my Day 1 –

Ten things I want to say to ten different people right now.

1. All you ever talk about is your problems. I’m ready for my turn.

2. I dread Holidays because of you. It’s not all about your and YOUR family. You have to think about the rest of us too and them.

3. I wish I could help you find a new best friend (in addition to me)

4. I miss you more than you can even know.

5. Seriously, shut up and go to therapy.

6. I want to be friends with you but I can’t because you’re always working or going to school.

7. I wish we lived closer.

8. Stop trying to impress everyone.

9. Please listen to your wife, she’s not happy and what you’re doing is making her sad.

10. There HAS to be a way!!!


Feel free to join me in this Ten Day Challenge. If you decide to do this leave a comment so I know you’re playing too.




  1. Yay! This is harder than I thought it would be. And I’m putting more thought into it. Do you find yourself doing the same?

    • For me the first day was REALLY easy. Need to go do today’s entry!

  2. I feel 7 was directed at me even though I haven’t seen you since 8th grade! 🙂 I am just kidding, of course, my ego isn’t that big! I’ve enjoyed reading your first 3 days of the challenge…keep it up girl!

    • haha! nicole, it IS directed at you and several other people actually! i’ve connected with a lot of people on facebook that i haven’t seen in years and it is a shame that we don’t all live closer together!

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